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Used Parts

We usually have some common used drive parts in stock and we can locate used items to help you save money.  We are a small shop so we do not try to collect too many parts but we hope we can help you find the part you need.  We list the boats the parts came off but they will fit many other boats.  Where applicable, we will include measurements. 

IMG 51031982 OMC Stringer drive Cable Shift Out drive $500

IMG 5141Instrument Cluster 1986 Stingray $75

IMG 5136Complete windshield from 1982 Renken $300

72" wide
54" long
21 3/4" High
23" Center Windshield
27 1/2" L&R windshield

IMG 5138Complete windshield with side vents from 1986 Stingray  $350

76" wide
61" long
23" High
24" Center Windshield
26" L&R windshield
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